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Petite Voyager Leather Bag
  • Petite Voyager Leather Bag

    • Each piece is made in our Atelier, in Colombia, with the utmost care and subjected to strict controls that guarantee quality. 

      In order to protect your valuable object we recommend that you: 

      • Store it in its dust cover when not in use. 

      • Be protective of hardware as any contact can damage the shine or scratch the surface of your products. To keep hardware looking shiny, always use a dry cloth to polish. 

      • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive surfaces and materials. 

      • Avoid contact with liquids and greasy substances. 

      • Shield it from humidity, light and heat. 

      • Do not use solvents and excessive or prolonged rubbing. 

      • Where necessary, we strongly recommend using a specialist cleaning service.

      • Avoid overloading it.

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