MARARGENT is dedicated to the creation of timeless luxury handbags, shoes and accesories, designed for lifetime durability. The versatile, minimalist, sophisticated, classic and modern models, allows these pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. For this reason, the brand focuses on crafting with the best quality materials found in the market . Some of these include: Bovine Leather, Calfskin Suede and Bronze with 24k gold plating used on the hardware.

The brand is inspired by vintage accessories, the human body, nature, and great artists throughout history such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Pierre Paulin, Constantin Brancusi, among others.

MARARGENT considers luxury as quality in all handmade timeless pieces. Highlighting aesthetic simplicity, passion, naturalness and impeccable details.

Vintage finish

As we are inspired in art and vintage objects, all of our bronce 24k gold-plated hardware are handmade with an effect called “vintage finish” which makes the hardware of our pieces unique and special, making them look age worn and with history in them. This means there may be scratches, pores, and color changes on every handmade unique hardware.

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